The Evercool EC series of air cooled chillers are suitable for outside installation, thanks to its IP54 protection, created to fit both industrial cooling processes and air conditioning. 

The whole range was designed, manufactured and tested to work using the R410A gas and it consists of a large number of models with cooling power from 7 to 574 Kw. Moreover, it was optimised to reach high energy efficiency, to offer installation handiness and to gurantee easy maintenance operations, both ordinary and extraodinary. 

The range consists of main brands components to offer a high quality product, great efficiency and reliability and it was designed to make installation effortless: every unite is standardly equipped with all the necessary components. Maintenance is also simple, as all the components can be reached with both hands. 

The standard colour is RAL9018.

Cooling Circuit 

The refrigerant circuit is simply manufactured to avoid every kind of vibrations on the welding. Infact, all the copper pipes have a small amount of welding spots to eliminate refrigerant gas leaks. The copper thickness is consistent to realise the best smelting and the perfect welding.

The cooling circuit consists of main brands rotary compressors or SCROLL with carter resistance. According to the power, every unit is composed of one or two cooling circuits with one or two compressors each.

Electrical Board

The electrical board has quite large sizes and its located in a specific area surronded by its frame. All the cables of the electrical panel are numbered and connected to the terminal box, also there always is the wiring diagram to show the connections. Completed with circuit breaker to protect the main parts of the chiller, the control section consists of a microprocessor card with external interface. Every board is equipped with a lock door device. 

The standard power supply is 400volts, 3ph, 50hz

Optional power supply available is 460volts, 3ph, 60hz

The entire range is equipped with:

  • Filter in the condenser
  • By pass
  • Water filter in the process return.
  • Phase control.

The E version is equipped with a flusostat to control the water circulation.

The F version is equipped with differential pressure switch to control the water circulation and are also protected with the cataphoresis system to prevent water corrosion.

Axial fans in all range. In versions M and E water filling is manual.

Cooling capacities range from 1.35 kW to 412 kW (water 7ºC / 12ºC and ambient temperature 35ºC).

Version M is managed by an XR60CX electronic controller.

Versions E and F are managed by an IC 201 electronic controller.


All units are filled with R410A refrigerant.